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renalerts - SA NREN Operational Alerts & Announcements

Subject: SA NREN Operational Alerts & Announcements

This announce-only list provides operational information and alerts for those components of the South African NREN for that TENET operates. It is aimed at technical staff, help desk managers, providers, and anyone else with an interest in the operations of the SA NREN.

If you subscribe directly to renalerts@lists, you will only receive information that has a country-wide scope or is of importance to the majority of institutions (e.g. backbone failures, service outages).

If you want to receive more specific regional information (such as outages that only affect a small portion of the country), then you need to subscribe to one or more of the sub-lists under this list (e.g. to renalerts-west@lists for the Western Cape Region). Lists with a more specific scope receive all information with a less specific scope, meaning you only need to subscribe to the most specific list(s) that interest you (i.e. a subscriber to renalerts-west-ct@lists receives information for Cape Town, but also automatically gets information sent to renalerts-west@lists and renalerts@lists).

renalerts@lists sub-lists

Membership of the renalerts family of lists is open to anybody with an interest in research and education networking in South Africa but subscription is moderated. Subscribers with email addresses (or addresses of other SANReN institutions) are automatically admitted. All others may be requested to provide a short note explaining the nature of their interest.

Note that while you are subscribed to this list, your name and email address is available to the list moderators and administrators.

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